Molding with You

Lokari is committed to producing high-quality thermoplastic products. Having our own sheet production facilities allows us to react quickly to the customer’s needs. We solve the manufacturing industry’s challenges in collaboration with our customers and partner network. We recycle and re-use all of our production’s side streams.

We want to offer solutions that allow our customers to improve their product’s properties, achieve logistical advantages and enjoy uninterrupted availability. Our ISO 9001 certified management system ensures the efficiency of our operations.

Our family business serves our customers locally in Rauma, but thanks to our retailer network, our products are also available in the Nordic countries, the Baltic region and Germany. We export our products to Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Four facts about Lokari
We keep our promises
High quality and accurate deliveries are coded into our company’s DNA.
We offer solutions to your problems
We have 40 years of experience in molding plastic, and we want to share it with you.
We respect the environment
We are committed to re-using or recycling all of our production side streams.
We save resources
Let us participate in designing your product.

How does Lokari solve problems?

Products made from polyethylene allow excellent formability. Compared to traditional materials, the advantages are:
– wear resistance
– chemical tolerance
– no dents or rust
– vibration absorption
– lightweight – specific weight 0,95

Our UV-protected products are able to withstand both the cold northern weather and the hot Mediterranean sun.

Together, these properties guarantee a long useful life for our products and a cost-effective option for you.

Customer segments
Maritime and transport

Plastic parts for machinery, devices and vehicles; e.g. covers, casings, signs and grills.

Environmental construction

Parts for deep waste collectors and composters, roof cladding and garden equipment

Logistics solutions for the manufacturing industry

Pallets, positioning surfaces, open-top tanks

Heavy industry

E.g. protective parts for crushers and separators, doors, casings. Bumpers, sliding plates

Our customers are all around the world

Our long-term customer relationships with our export customers are built on high quality. They appreciate our high delivery reliability and quick reactions to changes. Our contract manufacturing products are routinely exported to four continents, and they make up approximately one fifth of our turnover. With regards to Lokari products, our retailers in Europe will provide you with personal service.