CNC plane milling
Like metal, plastic can also be milled using a machine that removes material from the sheet using spinning blades.

Lokari’s milling machines are equipped with CNC control. Powerful suction pumps are used to position the sheet accurately for milling. All of the plastic chips and pieces created during the process are collected and reused.

What can we make?

By milling, it is possible to create corners, bevels, thinner areas, holes or other shapes in aplastic sheet. Bevels can be used to create different angles when folding the piece later. The sheets used for milling can be made using Lokari’s own extrusion lines, and no molds are necessary to create a product, which eliminates mold-related costs.

Lokari manufactures e.g. robot positioning jigs, snowmobile and ATV undershields, foldable boxes and a wide range of engraving templates for its customers.

CNC-koneistus on nopea ja kustannustehokas muovilevyn työstötapa. Levyyn voidaan jyrsiä kulmia, viisteitä, ohenteita, reikiä tai muotoja sekä taivuttaa.​