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We are your partner in manufacturing

We offer a comprehensive and controlled order and delivery process. Support is available from the design phase all the way up to the end of the product’s life cycle. By adhering to our customer promises, we succeed together with our customers.

Customer stories

Innovative vehicles are built from innovative parts. The parts manufactured by Lokari are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Valtra tractors are known for their Nordic roots. The tractors are manufactured in Finland and Brasil, where they are equipped with parts manufactured by Lokari.

Rock crushers and separators are equipped with Lokari’s compression moulded components in Metso Minerals Oy’s facilities in Finland, India and China.

Deep collection containers are exposed to weather conditions 24/7, every day of the year. Lokari managed to provide the perfect lid solution.

The importer of Volkswagen commercial vehicles counts on Lokari products. We patented our mudguard already in 1963.

Finding the best solution – together
Product development

“Well planned is half done.” We help our customers with product development and ensure their products’ suitability for industrial production.

Material selection
Antistatic agents, flame retardants, pigments and different stabilisers can be used to give plastic its desired qualities. We will find the best material for your needs together with our material suppliers.
Production expertise
We are experts in plastic sheet production, vacuum molding, and machining. Our machinery enables cost-effective production of high-quality pieces, including larger pieces.
Delivery and logistics
We ensure that products are properly covered and protected during storage and transport as agreed with the customer. Our backup warehouses ensure product availability for customers with unpredictable demand. Our export experts are also at your service.
We are your partner in product development.

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