Looking into the future

This year has brought unexpected challenges for most companies, also for us. Although we have been surrounded by uncertain circumstances, we have kept our eyes tightly in the future and harnessed our resources even more vigorously to the development work that will benefit us and our stake holders in the long run. Today we are proud to share the results of our work with you by announcing our first Lokari news.


Our company has followed the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 since 1998. In addition, this year we have committed to follow Health and Safety Standard ISO 45001 and Environmen-tal Management Standard ISO 14001. As a proof of our commitment and as a result of certifi-cation audit in September, we have now three certified quality management standards.

The requirements of the quality management systems have been integrated into our daily work. They help us to produce and maintain premium quality in products and service as well as in work safety, well-being, environmental protection and sustainable development.


In February we finished the 600 m2 expansion of our production facilities. The heat recovery system collects the heat generated in the pro-duction process and distributes the warm air to the extended part of the building. This form of heating supports our aim to sustainable and resource-saving way of working.
The flexibility and capacity of our production has been increased by investing to new equip-ment.

The million investment of the new ext-rusion line, started in 2017, was completed during the summer when we renewed the down-stream of the line. The new line provides more versatile selection of plastic sheets. This week we received a new generation vacuum for-ming machine which will fasten the output and reduce the production side streams.

The investments are our response to the gro-wing trend of our customers’ demand that we think will stay positive despite of the dip of this year.