Leo Laine Oy is maybe best known for Lokari cars that were manufactured from the beginning of 1980s until the year 2010. Lokari cars were sold to private customers and to children’s traffic parks, all the way to Germany, from where they were delivered all over the world.
Private customers are still regularly inquiring about the Lokari cars. Typically a father or a grandfather would like to buy a car for his child.

We are now manufacturing a special batch of 10 brand new Lokari Bulls. The cars are made with high quality craftmanship and they are assembled by Mr. Kari Elonen, who has a 30 years’ career at Leo Laine Oy. The cars are equipped with Honda 5 hp engine, Valmet gearing, differential and fluid brakes. Swinging front axle enables cross-country driving. For now, the blue Bull in the picture is reserved for the company’s own use.