Lynx snowmobiles
A solution for extreme conditions - the product is resistant to shocks, wear, vibration and frost.


Lynx snowmobiles and Can-Am off-road vehicles are manufactured in Northern Finland, Rovaniemi for demanding recreational use.


Snowmobiles and ATVs are used in conditions that require extremely durable parts. The high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) used in Lokari’s production is a perfect match – it has excellent impact and wear resistance, a low friction coefficient and good vibration tolerance, and it works well in sub-zero temperatures.

The Lynx snowmobiles’ cargo boxes are made using injection molding. The entire process of putting the boxes together takes place in Rauma, and they are delivered to the customer’s production and additional equipment sales in accordance with the JIT concept. In addition to the cargo boxes, several of Lynx snowmobiles and ATVs include many parts vacuum molded by us.