Metso Corporation
The customer replaced the sheet metal part in his product with plastic. We made a durable product that one person can remove and install.


Metso is one of the global leaders in its sector. It offers equipment and services designed to be used for sustainable resource handling and flow management in the mining, rock crushing, recycling and process industries. Metso has more than 12,000 employees in over 50 countries. In Tampere, Finland, Metso designs and manufactures e.g. rock crushing machines that provide excellent energy and material efficiency. The equipment has to be mobile and produce as little waste, noise and dust as possible.

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Jaw crushers are used to pre-crush rocks and ore in harsh mining site conditions. The customer was looking to replace their traditional metal plate belt cover. The goal was to design a belt cover that is light enough for a single maintenance technician to remove and replace it in the field. At the same time, the part had to be able to withstand impacts from the rocks, vibration from the machinery, and extreme weather varying from the hot Indian sun to the freezing temperatures of the North. The color, of course, had to be recognizable as Metso’s trademark beige. The part is almost 2.5 meters long and made from 8 mm thick sheet by vacuum molding. The sheets are made using one of Lokari’s three extrusion lines. Lokari produces about a dozen different covers and casings for the customer’s rock crushers and separators in Finland and the Far East.