Why are Leo Laine`s plastic products not part of this picture?

Leo Laine Oy produces thermoplastic products made from high-density polyethylen, which is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, shocks and chemicals and retains its shape well. Po-lyethylen has been seleced as our main material because its properties support the long life cycle of the product and the material is recyclable. Once a plastic product has served its user for decades, it can be recycled.
Leo Laine reuses or recycles all of the plastic materials used in its own production. This is possible because we produce the polyethylene sheet ourselves by the extrusion process. In our products, the share of recycled material is on average 30 % but we can make the product from completely recycled raw material if the customer so wishes.
Our recycling system can be divided into two parts: the reuse of clean plastic material and the recycling of floor chips. Clean plastic sheet pieces collected directly from the cutting processes are ground in powerful grinders and returned to the extrusion process to remake the plastic sheet. 

This share covers about 95 % of our plastic side streams. The rest, about 5 %, is the so-called floor chips which is carefully collected and delivered through a partner network for washing and recy-cling.
We carefully sort the plastics according to quality and significant colours. Our conveyors are equipped with metal detectors to prevent harmful foreign objects from entering the chips. In our extrusion process, we only use side stream chips from our own processes. This way we can ensure the high quality of the raw material, the sheet and the final products. 


Leo Laine Oy is committed to complying with the environment system standard ISO 14001. With the standard, we have set environmental targets to reduce electricity consumption and the amount of mixed waste. In order to achieve our goals and for the well-being of the environment, we take continuous improvement measures: we heat the production facilities with waste heat recovered from the production process, illuminate the workspaces with led lights, use water instead of glycol as the cooling liquid for the extrusion machines and carefully sort all the industrial and municipal waste we produce.