What do our customers think about us?

We carried out a customer satisfaction survey in November 2022 and for each answer we donated 10 EUR to the Ukrainian crisis aid through the Finnish Red Cross. Our customers were quite active – we received 42 responses to our survey.

The overall picture of the quality of our service and products is best told by the questions presented in the following charts:

On the evaluation scale, where 4 is excellent and 1 is poor, the flow of cooperation with contact persons (3.88), responsiveness (3.79) and accuracy of deliveries (3.77) were rated the highest in the quality of our service.

We are happy to note that these three factors were also the ones that mean the most to our customers (3.7-3.8 importance of each).

Of the individual satisfaction factors, e.g. the flawless invoicing, the delivery documents, the packaging and the products meeting the requirements of the application received excellent reviews (>3.7). The only rating below three was for regular visits (2.44). Fortunately, their importance to our customers was also the smallest (2.19).

As a manufacturer of thermoplastic products, we are interested in our customers‘ thoughts on the use of plastic materials in the future. We mapped this with a question where many choices were possible.

82.5% of the respondents said that the use of plastic will remain the same in the future, and 20% said that the use of plastic will even increase. Only 5% expressed their desire to reduce the use of plastic parts.

„Disposable plastic trash and littering are serious global problems that we don’t want to be a part of. The decades-long life cycle of our products and the complete recyclability of the final products are based on sustainable and environmentally friendly operations, and also give thermoplastic materials the appreciation they deserve. It’s great that our customers also understand this,“ rejoices CEO Outi Laine